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The world is moving fast, So are we. Urwa Quran Academy offers you Online Quran classes to learn Quran online for both kids and adults. First thing first, we are Muslims. We must not deny the fact that understanding the Quran is an obligation for all of us. As a result, an online Quran class at your convenience is the best choice. We concentrate on online Quran lessons. Quality Quran teachers and the best feedback are our mottoes. Because it counts you on what to choose in the busiest environment.

We endeavor to present a variety of range in courses. Exactly, Quran classes online for adults is one of the best available Quran courses in their busy schedules. Those who wish to learn Islamic studiesReading Quran with Tajweed, are welcome. Therefore, our suggestions for your suitable course positions are always open. Indeed, we are committed to our work and words to fit you into the best. We can facilitate you on the timing you schedule, the teacher you prefer accordingly. Kids should learn Quran reading as a compulsory obligation. We do not compromise on quality. Your trust remains our quality promise. That’s why time counts as blessings when you learn to read Quran online. What to choose is your choice, and what to give is our responsibility.

online Quran teachers
Online Quran Classes for kids

Online Quran classes to learn Quran Online in the shadow of scholarly Quran Teachers.

Undoubtedly, the Online Quran Academy offers you the most experienced online Quran tutors. They always influence you to outdo in learning Islamic ways, to learn Arabic smoothly. They let you know the usage of modern technology to learn Quran online effortlessly. Apart from it, we offer services both of male and female instructors. It depends on your willingness to whom you wish to join. Indeed, your comforts remain our great privilege. These teachers know to provide your Quran classes online both in English and Urdu languages.

Considering the demands, we have arranged females for teaching Quran classes online as well. We observe that female students find it more comfortable while learning Quran and other Islamic courses under the supervision of the best female Quran teachers. They may exchange better talks. Certainly, a teacher tries best to comfort the students’ apprehensions. Both of our male and female teachers are up to the mark in their respective work. Students may choose teachers of their choice. We do not boast, but we work. Your access to the best teachers is our priority.

What should be the suitable age to study Quran Online?

Children are nourishing to learn anything new to them. Therefore, Allah commands that it remains the burden of parents to help their children learn the Holy Quran at the earliest. Thus, they become familiar with the dos and don’ts of life recommended in the holy Quran at a very young age. Thus far, our instructors have let them understand everything at their ease. To ease the future, Quran remains our obligation.

The Quran Academy facilitates children to mingle with their online Quran tutors. These children, at a young age, remain very sharp to pick everything easily. Then, they become competent enough to go for Quran memorization. These Arabic lessons influence a newbie to learn Quran easily. Online Quran classes drag the attention of children steadily. The ability to read and write begins when they turn into 4, 5 age consecutively. Truly, it is the only way to lead the Islamic life with heart and soul. As a result, their devotion to Islam and its principles rises. There is no other way than to spend a perfect religious life according to the prophet’s teaching. Once a child starts learning Quran, he will be fond of it throughout the journey of life.


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Course 01
اِقرَا بِاسمِ رَبِّکَ الَّذِی خَلَقَ

Noorani Qaida & Basic Tajweed
Course 02
اِقرَا بِاسمِ رَبِّکَ الَّذِی خَلَقَ

Noorani Qaida & Basic Tajweed
Course 03
اِقرَا بِاسمِ رَبِّکَ الَّذِی خَلَقَ

Noorani Qaida & Basic Tajweed
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How to take Quran Online Classes? And how to make courses meaningful, responsive and inspirational?

We have provided our online teaching services across 90 countries in the world. It has become possible with the struggle and efforts. We always try to burn the midnight oil for the best input we may instill in the students. Urwa Online Quran Academy lets you access the best online Quran learning with Qualified teachers native to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Jordon, and Egypt. We have got the best teachers who can teach fluently in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic smoothly.

The teachers are well qualified and certified by the best institutions. Investing both time and money on local teachers will be of no use. Learning becomes entertainment if it goes as it is. It is why we offer you to stay home and stay safe. The better you deserve, the best we will provide you best online Quran classes while sitting at home. Age is not the matter, and it is just a number.

Our main outcome is our teachers who focus on the chief ingredients of learning the Quran: the foundation of Tajweed, Qirat course, Arabic course, and logical memorization. We emphasize the accent and pronunciation of Arabic words accurately. Besides, our services are beyond exceptions. We are 24/7 available. There are weekend Online Quran classes as well. We offer to learning Quran online for kids on weekends as well. In addition to it, we name it online Sunday school specifically. Considering the busy schedule of some students, we have, therefore, managed to organize online Sunday classes.

Certainly, quality teaching is our motto. To continue our services, we offer trial classes of learning the Quran online confidently. Conducting orientation courses is the only way to prove our worth and motto. Therefore, there are wandering frauds in the market who take their heels away. However, the fact remains. As we commit our promises, we deliver the commitment, words of quality. No bogus thing works here. It remains the service of Allah. Being Muslim, it remains due us to continue spreading good things. It works wonders, indeed.

Our purpose is to spread Quran education as much as possible we can. Therefore, it is easy to learn Quran online. Learning online Quran is no trouble for adults. To credit it more, we offer affordable prices as much low as one may afford smoothly. Our offers are dependent on the demands you make in the challenging environment where people run after money. We try to reduce the differences in marketing language in the arena.  It is our duty to increase productivity. For further information, you can get access to management about (Hidya) fees easily.

As expressed with joy, we do not compromise the quality. We have got the best Quran teachers to introduce. Our tutors are always fit for the We do not compromise the quality. We have got the best Quran teachers to introduce. Our online tutors are fit for the online Quran classes. Well experienced and qualified from the university. A good record of teaching the Quran for years is available. They remain family towards the students. Surely, they are virtue for their reward. If you learn under their shades, you will be result-orientated students.

We have observed that female students prefer to take online Quran classes with female teachers as a learned pool. To ensure convenience, we have several best female Quran teachers who put their sweat into their efforts. Learning Quran for both parents and children is easy. These female Quran teachers are always ready to avail services 24/7 to the students of any corner. Both male and female teachers are well qualified to continue any level from beginners to advance. They have been teaching Quran with Tajweed, Arabic, and all other courses.



To respond immediately towards our students, we keep alternate when the Quran teacher is absent for a domestic cause.


We help you observe the report progress based on fortnight and monthly performances for your best learning Quran classes online.


It is our commitment to serving you both through our qualified Native Arabs & Non-Natives online Quran teachers.


You may pay dues safely via local banking transfer, PayPal, and credit cards. To respond, we send receipts through e-mails.


You may access our management for confirmation of classes scheduled, complaints, payments, and questionary.


We ease our students while providing individual Quran classes online to our brothers and sisters on demand.


To reward our students after completing courses is our priority. We send you CERTIFICATES via e-mail, certainly.


We offer our services in learning Quran. We commit our best services to make our teachers online available 24/7.


Not just to mother-land country, we have reached beyond it. Our services are across 90 countries.

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Pick one of our Quality best online courses 24/7

Urwa Academy welcomes you warmly. We work from different places. However, we have a long-lasting connection with worldwide teachers from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Jordon. These teachers work for our online Academy. We have male and female teachers. In addition to it, we hire subject specialists. Urwa Academy has been providing services for several years. In a short time, we have got more appreciation. We offer diverse courses beginning from foundational courses to advanced levels. We do not charge any money for teaching Quran, rather the services our teachers represent.

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Our holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) narrates in the hadith that the best among you is one who learns the Quran and teaches others. As the words drag the mission, so the theme we have kept in mind. In the hot days of the 21st century, everyone is busy working. We strive best to serve Muslims being in their busy schedule via teaching the Quran online. To let them understand the Quran with Tajweed. Help people follow the modesty of Islam. To strengthen the faith in them. Therefore, we have made efforts to demonstrate learning Islam via technological equipment. Such as ZoomSkype, and the list goes on. It remains our manifesto to tighten our manifesto ahead.


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