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In the name of Allah who has been merciful and kind to all of us. There is no doubt in HIM. HE is the one who bestows us everything we desire. HE remains merciful to all humanity on the earth. The actual purpose of making this website is to spread the words of Allah and accommodate the best online Quran teachers in serving human beings. Besides, there comes an opportunity to earn a little providing service as well. One can hardly find the best teachers oneself in his local area. Besides it is best Quran Academy; we keep hiring the best Quran tutors as well.

This Urwa Academy has noticed the best Quran institute while serving on regular days and weekends (Online Sunday School). There is no age for learning. This makes online Quran learning amazing. Everyone, including parents, may afford good timing with us. We deal in teaching Quran online. To serve you the best, we have got the best to prove our worth. We present diversity in courses. We do not limit to teaching only.

Our academy gives the material in software, audio lessons, graphical themes, and books to better understand. This is how a person learns the Islamic way of life according to the teaching of the prophet. The world is changing, so the methods of learning are. We have made it possible to manage Blogging on our website separately. Here you will find amazing articles written by the best writers across the world and our teachers. These articles are well enough to help you to be an introvert rather than an extrovert. This is high time for investing some of our energy on the Islamic pathway.

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To provide excellent service to our students, we have organized a heavy studio where all the facilities are available. To counter this argument, we have had installed the best internet connection and bulky stable computers. It is the only way to ease the turbulent of facilitation. What you need now is the availability of a sound computer, a laptop, or an Android Smartphone at your convenience. We are working while taking the modern and traditional ways of the 21st century. Make sure that you have got installed the android applications such as Zoom, Skype.

Working standards

As our commitment, we do not break any of our promises once we make them. We teach Quran online according to lessons of Islam. The Academy provides a detailed profile of teachers (mentioning their qualifications). The Online Quran Academy does not go against the standard as it is an internationally recognized online institution. We convey the actual message of Islam under modern equipment. Students must be punctual and learned people. Your punctuality will help you move ahead consecutively. If you find anything against the commitment, let us know.


This is a remaining fact that learning Quran and reciting it accurately requires the best skills. Indeed, everyone may not produce like it is. That is why Islam remains the only way to learn the Islamic code of life. Islamic teaching will surely help one to come over this trouble. There is no better way than learning the Quran under expert veterans.The Quran Academy (OnlineQuranClasses) is a reputed website that offers you all the best it can serve. In a nutshell, we are preaching Islam. With the rising of modern technology, we are running with modern ideas and methodology.

To remind our students of the scheduled classes, we send them our reminder. They can prefer any timing at their convenience. They are the master of choice. We help our students by texting our messages. In this way, no one may be missing the Quran classes at any cost. It is our motto to activate our students timely. If there any test occurs, we shall be liable to let you know. We provide results of weekly and monthly tests via e-mail and messages.

Every wise man thinks twice before he makes any decision. So the case is the same with online classes. The world is running so fast. So is the time. Going to an academy surely costs too much to afford. And, the local academies in the area may not provide the best teachers of requirement. Hence, online classes are the best solution to this trouble. Our online classes are affordable. We hire the best teacher across the world. They are well qualified to meet demands.

Our faculty provides consultation to motivate students in the light of the Quran. Indeed, Islamic life is far better than that of the usual one. These online teachers encourage students when they are feeling unwell. They let them know the basic sayings of Islam. Sometimes, when a student needs help, he may ask his teachers for spiritual suggestions in the light of the Quran. We should learn the holy Quran with heart and soul. The Quran is reality, and the rest is for the short-term.

This remains the main part of our learning. There is no doubt that a pupil follows creative and entertaining skills far better and faster. We have added quiz competition and questioning classes. Therefore, students will perform their creative learning. The classes are always in full swing. They do not cause students to bore. The teachers know how to resume students’ creativity—playing games while learning is not the end of the day. We offer students visual aid to lift their growth in online lessons.


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