Online Arabic Classes

Online Arabic classes to learn Arabic online

Learning Arabic is the major factor in understanding Quran and Hadith. No doubt, it gives fluency in speaking Arabic. For this reason, it introduces the Arab cultures as well. Language is the best and important symbol of every nation. Learn Arabic grammar and see how you have been in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary for Non-Arabs for many reasons. One may avail hundred of new opportunities while learning Arabic. It is the rich language of Arabs. Moreover, most people want to understand history in the original scripts. They had better choose to learn Arabic online with Urwa Academy

learn Arabic online

How can we learn Arabic online?

We have the best teachers. They give more emphasis on unfamiliar sounds. They teach Arabic alphabets, reading, and writing. Then, they let students work on listening and reading comprehension. Our Arabic course to learn Arabic online are the most advanced ones. We provide practice sessions. One one one learning in the classes. To give more focus remains our promise and priority. Our faculty members help students with visual and audio aids as well. 

Do you Want to speak the Arabic language?

Undoubtedly, the focus on Arabic speaking is the main priority. A learner always looks after both writing and speaking skills. Whereas, the thirst for learning Quran and Arabic should always rise timely. We manage our classes to learn Arabic online. In this way, students become fluent in Arabic. Certainly, we hire more teachers for online Arabic classes. Each teacher teaches a new section of language. They are graduated with degrees from a recognized university. Therefore, we offer language books from beginners to advanced levels.

Online Arabic Classes

Why do most people choose to learn Arabic online? Certainly, there are numerous reasons behind this question. One of the most important is to understand the Holy Quran. It is an obligatory thing upon the Muslim brothers and sisters. One must learn it. This thing helps one to understand Quran with Tajweed. As everyone knows nobody has time to go to the physical Arabic teacher. That,s why people choose online Arabic Teachers.

Secondly, it improves chances for trade and business. People living in any country want to work for import and export with Arab countries. They see natural good chances for the boost in trade. This is why there is no other thing than to take an Arabic course.  

Thirdly, people learn Arabic to interact with Arab people for their diverse culture. There are those who take interest in learning culture and heritage. Therefore, it is time for you to speak Arabic and observe the facts. 

You can see monthly FEE (HADYA) in these three currencies. Each class duration is 30 minutes and Hifz Class duration is 60 minutes.

Schedule/WeekClasses per MonthFEE USD
2 Classes / week08 / Months$40 / Month
3 Classes / week12 / Months$52 / Month
4 Classes / week16 / Months$64 / Month
5 Classes / week20 / Months$76 / Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 / Months$152 / Month
Schedule/WeekClasses per MonthFEE GBP
2 Classes / week08 / Months£33 / Month
3 Classes / week12 / Months£41 / Month
4 Classes / week16 / Months£52 / Month
5 Classes / week20 / Months£63 / Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 / Months£121 / Month
Schedule/WeekClasses per MonthFEE AUD
2 Classes / week08 / Months$45 / Month
3 Classes / week12 / Months$64 / Month
4 Classes / week16 / Months$83 / Month
5 Classes / week20 / Months$99 / Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 / Months$155 / Month


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