The word Muslim is taken from Arabic, which means someone who has surrendered to God. However, in Islam, a Muslim is someone who agrees to spend his life according to the instructions of Allah. In addition, Muslims accept Prophet Muhammad

Quran learning is a continuous journey. It is not confined to a specific age group. However, it is usually done at an early age. People mainly learn Quran from an Islamic center. In contrast, some people may not be able

Learning Quran is an obligation for every human being. Typically, in Muslim societies learning Quran starts around the age of four years. You can learn how to read Quran with correct pronunciation in an Islamic center. People usually tend to learn Quran

Ramadan (Ramazan in Arabic accent) is a month of Ramadan (blessings). It is one of the holy months of the year where all Muslims fast, leaving off food and drink and other habits such as smoking and swearing (abusing). Despite

Some facts of Quran will amaze you with some exciting information and expose some common misconceptions about Islam. Let me give you a brief introduction to the Quran. The Quran is the holy scripture of Islam. The holy Quran contains

Muslims offer condolences to someone whose loved ones have died, saying this verse “Inna lillahi Wa Inna ilayhi rajioon,” which means “Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Allah we shall return.” They always recite the Quran, number 156 mentioned in


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