Online Tafseer classes

Online Tafseer classes for Adults

Undoubtedly, we offer the best online tafseer classes for adults with cent percent surity. Tafsir holds a very important meaning and message in itself. It is an explanation and interpretation of the Will of ALLAH. Reading Quran is not enough for Muslims. We must go through all the

understanding that is compulsory for us. Besides reading Quran, we must learn Quran with TAFSEER to grasp the message of Islam. Surely, there is no other way than that of learning online TAFSEER classes with heart and soul. TAFSIR course of Quran helps us in dos’ and don’ts. It is a basic way of understanding the words of Allah in the light of the Quran. TAFSIR is of two categories: TAFSIR BIN MATHUR (Words of Prophet conveyed by companions chronologically) and TAFSIR BI-AL-RAY (Those words taken from rational thinking).

Online Tafseer classes

Why Learn Tafsir of the Quran?

Allah has laid stress upon TAFSIR as well. It is important for some reasons. Initially, Online TAFSEER classes help the people in expressing Quran clearly. One will come to know the exact message of Islam. It has been a very big challenge to see the meaning and message of the Quran. We let you know that we hire the best teachers who convey the message exactly in The Quran.

Our online Quran classes are running in flying colors. To the second point, TAFSIR lets students learn Islamic Jurisprudence of Shariah law in Islam. We don’t boat for making students the scholars but the educated concerned with knowledge of Islam. Let’s learn Quran with TAFSIR. To the last point, students who are good at TAFSIR can avoid controversy easily. Those who have a good knowledge at TAFSIR always follow the MID-PATH according to Islam.

Be it online Tafseer classes; We claim the best Teachers

Let’s learn TAFSIR online with our best faculty. Our online Quran classes always look forward to doing our best as we do. We offer you separate TAFSIR classes as well. So do not wait for another moment. Book your seat today. Our promise keeps a good meaning.

You can see monthly FEE (HADYA) in these three currencies. Each class duration is 30 minutes and Hifz Class duration is 60 minutes.

Schedule/WeekClasses per MonthFEE USD
2 Classes / week08 / Months$40 / Month
3 Classes / week12 / Months$52 / Month
4 Classes / week16 / Months$64 / Month
5 Classes / week20 / Months$76 / Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 / Months$152 / Month
Schedule/WeekClasses per MonthFEE GBP
2 Classes / week08 / Months£33 / Month
3 Classes / week12 / Months£41 / Month
4 Classes / week16 / Months£52 / Month
5 Classes / week20 / Months£63 / Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 / Months£121 / Month
Schedule/WeekClasses per MonthFEE AUD
2 Classes / week08 / Months$45 / Month
3 Classes / week12 / Months$64 / Month
4 Classes / week16 / Months$83 / Month
5 Classes / week20 / Months$99 / Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 / Months$155 / Month


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