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Saying “BISMILLAH RAHMAN RAHIM” in every work is the best addiction. The meaning of Bismillah in English is as follows: Start with the name of (Allah) God, who is merciful and kind. Indeed, these are the quality words of the Quran found at every start of a verse (Ayaah). Saying Bismillah has countless qualities and boons. “BISMILLAH RAHMAN RAHIM” always reminds one of the good intentions, positive vibes, and pretty good enough gestures.


Resultantly, it leads to the gratefulness of God (Allah). Saying BISMILAH RAHMAN RAHIM reduces pain, pressure, and tensions. It relieves everyone of all troubles who offer it. We are humans who always need the help of Allah on every path. Not to forget the miracle it does. Bismillah runs the evil away. It is why Quran stresses it all the time. Surely, it favors fortune.


Assuredly, it is a good act that encourages one who recites it regularly. We live in a modern world where everyone gets busy with time. Keeping this as an addiction may help us in all the work. It keeps us connected to Allah all the time. It is a Sunnah of the holy prophet to start all the work while saying BISMILLAH appropriately.



It is quite amazing to know that Surah NAML has included Bismillah two times consecutively. There is indeed a fact behind it. The second Bismillah that comes in Surah NAML is an Ayaah. At the same time, the first that appears is for starting every verse all the time.


Surah Al-Tauba has no Bismillah at all. Indeed, there is a whole event for this in the Quran. Surah Al-Tauba narrates infidels fighting the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In response, Allah ordered people to fight them with a vengeance. It was why Allah showered no mercy on them. Summarising it, Allah pronounced no mercy for the infidels and revealed Surah Al-Tauba.


“BISMILLAH RAHMAN RAHIM” means “In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful”. It praises Allah, who is the master of the entire universe. It denotes mercifulness and forgiveness for the Muslim Ummah. Whenever a person finds himself guilty of sin (Gunaah), he asks for forgiveness from Allah. For it, he offers Bismillah. “Bism” stands for name, and “illah” stands for Allah (God). Both Rahman and Rahim attribute Allah to being kind and merciful.


It is an actual belief of Muslims that these words hold a higher value. To avoid disrespect for such pure words, there is a numerological equation method to say Bismillah easily. It is 786. It is the conversion of Arabic words into numeric methods. Historically, 786 are driven from the series of Arabic Numerology, which we call Ilm-ul-Adad or Abjad. It has been most common in Sub-continent for a long time. Muslims find 786 the holy numbers.


Every Muslim man and woman should bow down to Allah for all the blessings, including Bismillah itself as the boon. Those who worry a lot have no faith in Allah. Whereas a good follower always follows the defined steps of the prophet as-Sunnah. And, saying Bismillah in every work is one of the most common Sunnah. Let’s keep a promise to ourselves to start everything with BISMILLAH RAHMAN RAHIM.

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