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Can Women read or touch the Quran during menstruation (periods/menses)? Can we read Quran without Wudu?

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Can Women Read Quran During Periods

There are multiple questions regarding menstruation. It is haram for women to offer both Farz and nafilnamaz during menses, and it is also not valid if they pray any one of them. One does not have to participate in any kind of worship until they are pure. While regarding Zikar, Saying Subhan’Allah or saying Bismillah, hearing Quran or hadith, learn saying Amin during supplications, none of these things is forbidden for women during her menses. Women can listen Quran during periods.

  • In a hadith Hazrat Aisha said that Holy Prophet used to sleep besides me and recite Holy Quran.
  • Hazrat Aisha said that I comb Holy Prophet during periods.

Other details on whether women can read Quran during Periods

Women also can read the Quran in mensus but not touch it and not speak it loudly. She can see and read it in heart without touching it. Also, it is mentioned in multiple hadith books such as Fath Al-Bari and al-Bukhari, Also narrated in a mu’allaq report from Ibrahim al-Nikha’I that there is nothing wrong with the reciting of Quran during menses. Also, there is no hadith mentioning that you cannot recite Quran during menses. Still, some scholars recommend that women don’t have to repeat it. Because this is the period in which they should rest and take good care of themselves. This period of menses is very painful for some women. That’s why rest is also preferred, but if someone wants to recite Quran by taking caring measures, she can read. It means that women can learn Quran online during menses because they don’t have to touch the Quran.

Also, it is not valid for women to fast during menses, whether Farz or obligatory. According to the hadith quoted by ‘Aisha, women can make up for fast but should not offer any prayers. If women become pure, she can continue her fasting and prayers.

Also, it is haram for women to offer Tawaf during their periods. In a hadith narrated by ‘Aisha, in which she said that “We set out with the sole intention of performing Hajj and when reached Sarif, (a place six miles from Mecca) I got my menses. I was weeping, Holy Prophet came and said, ‘what is the matter with you? Have you got your menses?’ I replied. ‘yes,’ He said, ‘This is ordained from Allah to women. So you can perform all act ivies as other, except Tawaf round the Ka’ba. ‘Aisha added, “Allah’s Apostle sacrificed cows on behalf of his wives.” (Bukhari Shareef Volume, 6:293)

Can we offer prayer without Wudu?

Every male and female Muslim must perform wudu before Namaz/prayer. In Islam, there is not a single worship which can be accepted without Wudu because it is recommended to take good measures of your hygiene. But If you are in travel or in such a situation where you don’t find water, then you can also perform Wudu with the Help of sand as in Quran, Allah says,”:

“O believers! When you wake up, wash your faces and your hands, wipe your heads, and wash your heads, and wash your feet to the ankles. And if you are not in state of full purity then completely wash yourself. If you are sick or in travel, or had intimate with your better half and cannot have any water source, then clean yourself by wiping your hands.” (Surah Al-Ma’idah, Ayat 6)


Islam is the religion of Divine revelation and peace. Islam is the complete form of faith because it teaches you about the worship of Allah and solves all of your problems. Islam is a divine religion, and that’s why it has benefits for its followers. As in Quran, Allah Says: “And indeed this, your religion, and I am your lord, so keep your duty up to me.” (Surah 23:52). So with this Ayat, we came to know that Islam is a divine religion and it has benefits for its followers. Also, Islam is a perfect religion because it does not force its followers to do anything but always gives them Comfort. As in Quran, Allah says: “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.” (Surah 2:286) There are some Ahkams in Islam that we should follow because, in that sacred holy book, everything is for the benefit of Humankind. There are some quarries which we, Insha’Allah, clear out regarding Quran and Hadith.



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