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The word Muslim is taken from Arabic, which means someone who has surrendered to God. However, in Islam, a Muslim is someone who agrees to spend his life according to the instructions of Allah. In addition, Muslims accept Prophet Muhammad (s a w) as the last messenger of Allah. The word Muslim is used for the believers and followers of Islam religion.


Ways to become a good Muslim:

  • Abide by on five pillars of Islam.
  • Muslims believe that there is no god worth worshipping but Allah and that Prophet Muhammad (s a w) is the last Prophet of Allah.
  • Muslims offer prayers five times a day.
  • Firm believers fast during the month of Ramadan.
  • We can become good Muslims by giving alms.
  • We can become firm believers by offering pilgrimage at least once.

They have a firm belief in Allah. That is why; strong believers believe that whatever good or bad happens to them is from Allah’s side. Everything happens for the sake of good. Therefore, Muslims do not blame their luck for being too bad. A faithful Muslim is grateful to Allah in every situation.

Muslims’ hearts are filled with the love of Allah. Hence, they seek help and guidance from Him in every critical situation.

Reciting Quran Daily

A firm believer recites Quran daily. Every Muslim must learn Quran and share its knowledge with others. A good Muslim reads Quran as much as possible. Reading Quran is an act of great pleasure. Therefore, Muslims carefully recite the Quran. To better understand the teachings of Islam, Muslims take Guidance from Quran.

“The one who reads the Quran beautifully, smoothly, and precisely will be among the noble and obedient angels. And as for the one who reads with hardship, stammering, or staggering through its verses, he will have TWICE that reward”. 

 (Sahih Al-Bukhari)


These handles express the significance of Quran recitation. The regular recitation of the Quran fills our hearts from Noor. A firm believer always has the remembrance of Allah in his heart. Then automatically, their every act intends to please Allah. We can seek help from Quran at times of stress. It is the best guide.

Offering prayers

Offering prayers five times a day is obligatory for every Muslim. The timings of each prayer are already decided. Hence, Muslims try to perform the prayer at the exact time. Offering prayer is the foremost sign of a firm believer.

Following the Sunnahs

To become a good Muslim, we must follow the Sunnahs of our Prophet. Therefore, the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad is the epitome of us. We can achieve Allah’s pleasure by following the customs of our beloved Prophet.


“Faith and unbelief cannot be combined in a man’s heart, nor can dishonesty and truthfulness be combined, nor can treachery and trustworthiness be combined together”. ( Musnad Aḥmad 8593)

Muslims are known for their truthfulness. Our Prophet emphasizes being truthful. Muslims are always persistent in their sayings. It is being said that a Muslim cannot be a lair

Helping the needy people:

We can become good Muslims and help the creatures of Allah through thick and thin. The heart of a Muslim is filled with sympathy. Hence, they show condolence to poor people. In addition, the well-earned Muslims help others by giving money and resources.


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