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What is Janazah (Funeral Prayer)? How to perform the Janazah prayer?

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In Islam, when someone dies, there is a ritual of praying Janazah Namaz for the dead one. This is a basic ritual of seeking pardon from Allah for deceased Persons. The Janazah prayer is obligatory for every Muslim.

Also, you have to perform a funeral prayer in front of the body because without a body, and it is generally not permitted in some Islamic books such as; Hanafi and Maliki madhhabs. Janazah namaz is a means of benefiting the dead Person. When a Muslim brother performs Janazah namaz for his fellow deceased brother, they grant intercession for him. This means Allah takes their testimony for their fellow brother and enough actions for forgiveness. Janazah namaz is Farz Kafayyah that if someone receives the news of someone’s death and performs the namaz, he will be free of responsibility. Still, if a person gets information about someone’s funeral and doesn’t perform it, he would be considered a sinner.

What to recite in the Janazah prayer?    

In Salat-e-Janazah, there are two most important things to recite. These are:

  • Repeating takbeers four times.
  • Qiyam that occurred during Salaatul Janazah in a standing position.

Sunnah in Janazah Nimaz:

  • Parsing Allah (Durrod, Hamd and Thana)
  • Send Allah’s blessing to Holy Prophet SAW
  • Dua for Dead person

Janazah Dua for an adult person:

“Oh Allah! Forgive us, forgive those are dead also those who are alive, those of us that are young and those of us that are adults: our males and our females. Oh Allah! Whosoever of us you keep alive lit him live as a follower of Islam and whomsoever you cause to die, let him die as a believer.”

How to perform the Janazah prayer?

There are a few steps to perform Janazah Namaz:

  • First, you have to make an intention (niyyah) for the Funeral prayer. “I am making niyyat of Janazah Namaz for Allah, dua for a dead fellow, behind this Imam.
  • Now follow Imam. You will fold your hand on your front in the same manner as Imam, seek refuge from Allah from the wretched Shaytan, and after bismillah and recite Al-Fatiha.
  • The Imam must say all take beers, and mutated must say it slowly.
  • Recite takbirs and Durood Ibrahim.
  • Now, after All, take beers and Duroods, Say, Allah Akbar, drop your hands, and perform Salam “Assalamu ‘AlaikumWarahmatullah.”
  • Recite above mentioned Duas as follows.

What areAhkams of Janazah Nimaz?

There are some myths in Janazah namaz which you must take care of.

  • Some people perform Janazah while wearing shoes. If you are praying, namaz, or wearing shoes, be sure that your shoes and the land you are standing on both should be clean.
  • There is also your choice that if you want to stand on your handkerchief, you can; if not, make sure the land is clean.
  • It is also recommended that the dead body be present, and you have to perform in front of the deceased. The absence of Janazah is not acceptable.
  • Make sure you create at least three rows, for example, if only seven people are present. So first is the Imam, and there should be three persons in the first row, two in the second and one in the last row.
  • Maqsood (a person who misses his takbeers) should complete all of the takbeers after Imam performs salam. He can only recite takbeers without supplications if he fears that people will give shoulders to Janazah.
  • There would be Gusul, Kafan and takber for a child if his full body came out; otherwise, a child should be washed and wrapped in sheets and buried without Gusul, Kafan and takbeers.

So there is no Janazah for that child whose head came out crying but died with chest coming out. But if he came out to complete and died after that, there should be everything as Janazah.


So, Janazah nimaz is a ritual to beg pardon for dead one. Also, it is said that everyone should perform it. Janazah nimaz is proved to be very sacred nimaz in Islam and every one should perform it without further delay. This nimaz is very important for dead person.You can get more details about Janazah nimaz From  Urwa Quran academy.



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