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Islam is beneficial religion for every male and female. It gives absolute rights to everyone. In Islam, you can find the right of women, the rights of minorities, and so on. We also find the rights of kids. Islam always teaches us how we should behave with kids. There are certain limitations that we should take care of. Kids are known as followers of Islam. We should always take care of them. Considering that children are an important part of society, we must provide them with better things.

Kids are the most important part as they become our new generation. They learn from us and become what they see in society. Our every move will affect their mentality. So, Islam gives us many things to learn and provides well for our generations. You also must give yourself quality time and show affection for them. Islam provides us with the proper way that how to behave with kids.

Equality between kids

As Islam teaches us, there is no difference between a girl and a boy. We should always take equal measures when it comes to the point of care. Often, parents give more rights to the boy over the baby girl. Our Holy prophet said but also teaches us that Girls are the largest blessings of Allah for their parents. If you carry unequal behavior in front of your children, they will repeat all these things in the future. Parents must treat equally whether it is a baby girl or a boy. Parents should behave gently with kids. Children are flowers of Allah’s garden. If you hurt them, you surely hurt Allah. If you love and make them happy, you will make Allah happy.

Education and Culture

Education is a grave need of our generation. Taleem (Education) is the only thing that leads our children to the best path. Every parent should give quality education. Education is the basic right of every human. Due to education, our kids learn about our culture. Also, we should give them Islamic knowledge. We must urge them to recite Holy Quran and offer prayers. With the help of Quran learning, we can lead our kids on the right path. You can save them from going astray with the help of the Quran. We must teach them about our culture. We must tell them about our Holy prophet, Our Holy Quran, and the Day of Judgment. Tell them the difference between what is right and wrong.

Give your complete attention.

Attention is the key to affection. Sometimes, your kids need only your attention and affection. They don’t want big expensive gifts but someone to speak to and play with. Their childhood is your responsibility. If you give them time and love, they surely become good in everything. You should behave with your kids with love and affection. Teach them different things, take them outside and spend little time with them. These things will become major memories for your kids. Also, make them strong and always take care of their privacy. Teach them how to handle every situation with calmness. Your all-over moves will become what they learn. Teach them the act of giving not by words but by actions. Your full attention and affection for them is the most important aspect they always need.

Rights of Kids

There are many things that we should take care of. Kids also have some rights which we should give them.

  • The quality between a girl and a boy
  • We should give them freedom of speech and urge them to think and analyze the world.
  • Freedom of identity. They must have their unique name and identity
  • Freedom of Education, Education is the basic right of humans. We must provide quality education for our kids
  • Teach them how to behave with elders and youngers
  • We should teach them about social standers
  • Health, we should take care of their health and provide them with good things
  • Protect them from everything and also teach them the art of self-defense


So, we learn how to behave with kids. Also, we come to know that we give them a better education. We ought to deliver them the best teachers for learning. You can enroll your kids in Urwa Quran Academy for a better and bright future and find the best-qualified teachers to help them build. They teach your kids the Quran and other important knowledge of Islam, and they also teach them supplications and a lot more.


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