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Laying stress on thank you is one of the first things every human must learn as children. No other words than Thank you comes to mind while learning a new language, especially if Arabic is concerned. The way Arabs hold plenty of importance in thanking one another, and there are really SO many colourful ways of saying thank you. There is a quotation that “Nice words are worth much and cost nothing”.


Best Way to say Thank you in Arabic

There are a number of ways to show gratitude to everyone you encounter. Most people are unaware of the actual style of salutation in Arabic. As a Muslim, whenever he meets someone he knows or doesn’t know, he says hello in this regard. However, there is already a simple pattern that if we follow, we can accumulate good knowledge in this regard on how to say hello in Arabic or how to greet people by saying How are you in Arabic.

Let us learn the art of saying hello in Arabic. Under the supervision of Urwa Academy, everyone has excellent access to meaning and usages altogether online. The detail may follow up the versatile pattern found in Islam. As:

  1. ‘SHUKRAN’

    Shukrn is the most frequent word found in tradition to say thank you in Arabic. That is why Shukranmeaning stands for Thank you. You may easily find this kind of pattern in Arabs while meeting and greeting together on any occasion.

  2. ‘ALF SHUKR’

    Alf Shukr comes as a casual way of saying thank you in Arabic. It means “A thousand thanks”. It is most often found in used to say hello in Arabic. What else does one want when one wants to grow friends around himself? He requires to learn etiquette’ so that he may become familiar with the pattern of tradition in Islam. Of course, Islam teaches us to stay polite and lenient with everyone.

  3. ‘YISALAMO’ 

    Yisalamo is one of the favourable and precious ways of saying hello. It does have a good meaning that translates as “May your hands be protected”. Who doesn’t want to be blessed with such kind words when one meets with others? In Islam, there is always the teaching of love and brotherhood. There is nothing that exists beyond it. Our holy prophet says, “Pay salutations to everyone you meet”. This addiction enriches healthy bonds among strangers and colleagues. It is a fundamental activity that creates love and prosperity.


    Ma Qassart is the most amazing way to show gratefulness to Allah Almighty. It is he who bestows everything for us on the earth. This phrase means that “You didn’t limit your favour on me”. Obviously, there is no denying fact that Allah has created everything for human beings to taste and become grateful for what they have. It is Allah Almighty whose blessings keep all of us out of trouble in no time.


    Yaatik Al Afye means “MAY ALLAH ALMIGHTY GIVE YOU HEALTH”. Whether it is a traditional Arabic salutation or something else, Islam teaches us to do good for others so that we can have well for ourselves. It is how thanks in Arabic remain essential for every Muslim. If a person is lazy or medically unfit, your kind words will surely help him in all cases. It doesn’t cost you anything but your kindness to the people around you.


     Yeayishak has of course, a powerful meaning within itself that stands: “Wishing you a long life”. This is how it places more importance on thank you very much. Every Muslim brother and sister has to pray for the long lives of other Muslims every time. There are many Quranic Verses which safeguard the rights and life of everyone. It is Allah Almighty who never shares in-equal things among the people.

Indeed, Islam is the systematic way of leading a purposeful life, and it teaches accordingly. Islam is the complete Deen in the universe for every human being. It accumulates places for every aspect of life, whether economic, social, psychological or political. Placing importance on saying Thank you in Arabic is crucial, and it has potential for everyone. Thank you, and I wish you a long life. Jazak’Allah


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