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Learn How to Read Quran Online with Tajweed

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learn how to read quran

Learning Quran is an obligation for every human being. Typically, in Muslim societies learning Quran starts around the age of four years. You can learn how to read Quran with correct pronunciation in an Islamic center.

People usually tend to learn Quran with the nearest teacher available. Hence Quran is in Arabic. It should be learned from competent Islamic scholars. Nowadays, people can learn Quran in the online Quran Academy.

These academies provide highly qualified staff and manageable classes. Learning in online Quran classes is more authentic and easy to access

Quran learning is a joyful journey. Reading Quran has many rewards. Its rewards are not specified only for good readers. Hazrat Ayesha, also narrates the saying of the Prophet (s.a.w) that;

” Those who recite Quran fluently and beautifully will be among the noble angels, whereas, people who find it difficult to read will have double reward. ”


Tips for learning Quran online:

To learn Quran online, you must follow certain instructions to learn to read Quran accurately. These instructions are;

  • You must be serious about learning Quran
  • Join an environment where learning Quran is supported
  • Consult a Quran expert
  • Start with the small chapters
  • By paying attention to the connection between letters and the rules they are connected through
  • Learning Tajweed rules with your competent Quran teacher
  • First, listen to your teacher
  • Try to recite by yourself
  • Keep listening to and practicing Quran daily
  • Try to understand the meaning of ayat

How much time will it take to learn Quran?

The average time of learning the Quran is from two-three years. However, the time for learning Quran may differ from person to person. Learning Quran heavily depends on;


  • The learners’ attitude towards Quran learning
  • The learners’ competence
  • The teaching methodologies

However, those who have read Quran and want to master it usually take 6-8 months to complete Quran. Beginners require more time and effort to learn Quran.

Why should we learn Quran?

We should learn Quran because we are Muslims. Regularly reciting Quran inspires you. It relaxes the readers’ minds. Learning and reciting Quran pleases Allah Almighty. Hence, he rewards us with what is best for us.

Learning Quran is a blissful journey. It is said that whoever reads it will be rewarded with blessings by ten times. Therefore, we should learn and prioritize learning Quran over worldly things.

It is obligatory for every Muslim to learn Quran and share its knowledge with others. We can seek help from Quran at times of stress. It is the best guide.

Above all, it makes us religious and keeps us away from unhealthy activities.


How to learn Quran fast?

There are certain ways you can learn how to read Quran faster. These ways are;

  1. Join online Quran academy
  2. Attend online Quran classes regularly
  3. Focus on Pronunciation
  4. Repetition

Online Quran academy:

Online Quran academies provide a complete course on the Quran. Therefore, you can learn, memorize, translate and practice Quran in one single place. These academies provide highly qualified teachers. These teachers are professional in teachings and scholars of Islamic knowledge.

  • Online Quran classes

Online Quran classes are properly designed. With the help of these classes, you can quickly learn a suitable amount of Quran daily without wastage time.

These classes provide courses for a certain period of time. By regularly attending the classes, you can learn Quran faster.

  • Focusing on pronunciation

To learn Quran faster, the learner has to focus on the pronunciation of the Quran. The correct connection of letters brings out the correct pronunciation. Hence, to focus on the pronunciation of the Quran, we need to listen to it.

Focusing on pronunciation can enhance the speed of learning the Quran.

  • Repetition 

Practice makes a man perfect. Online Quran learning on daily bases can help a learner learn faster. Online Quran classes give drills and daily tasks to learners. These drills help us to learn Quran more accurately and quicker than usual.

Repeating the lessons, again and again, helps the learner to learn Quran faster.


In conclusion, Online Quran Academy provides the best services. They provide the best course design to learn Quran faster. You can join us for learning how to read Quran online with qualified male and female Quran tutors.


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