Sadqah is a very important aspect of Islam. The literal meaning of Sadaqah is “charity.” People perform it in the way of Allah to get His guidance and blessings. There are two types of charity; Sadqah and Sadqah Jariyah. Giving Sadqah

Reciting Quran is a very good habit for every Muslim male and female. Quran is the most precious book of Muslims. Every Muslim should at least learn how to recite Quran. Reading Quran would be a remedy for problems. In

Quran is the Holy book of Islam. Every kid should learn it from heart and soul. Quran is the purest aspect of guidance. So, this will teach kids how to spend their lives with the help of the Quran. Also,

r TTo guide humans, Allah revealed Quran. Quran is the purest form of guidance. Each and every Muslim must learn Quran. Children, as well as adults, should focus on Quran learning. You can find many online academies where there are

Quran learning is very easy nowadays in online Quran School. There are multiple EQuranschool that provides the best for you. Quran is an art that always requires time and experienced teachers. In the old days, it is quite hard to

Islam is beneficial religion for every male and female. It gives absolute rights to everyone. In Islam, you can find the right of women, the rights of minorities, and so on. We also find the rights of kids. Islam always


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