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Sadqah is a very important aspect of Islam. The literal meaning of Sadaqah is “charity.” People perform it in the way of Allah to get His guidance and blessings. There are two types of charity; Sadqah and Sadqah Jariyah. Giving Sadqah in Islam is the very purest way of charity. One can perform charity for the sake of one’s help. If you are in any trouble or a grave situation, you can perform Sadaqah. Sadqah in Quran is also mentioned. Zakat is a fundamental aspect of Islam, but Sadqah is very important after Zakat. Also, there are many benefits of Sadqah.Sadqah also washes away your greed and selfishness. Let’s learn how to give Sadqah in Islam.

More about Sadqah!

Sadqah Jariyah is a charity where you spend your wealth, time, and skills in the name of Allah. Sometimes giving good Advice is also a part of Sadqah Jariyah. Islam always provides you with multiple aspects so that you can live happily. Charity is a good deed that teaches you to give in the way of Allah. Whenever you help someone, you will automatically become happy and satisfied, which is the power of Sadqah.

Types of Sadaqah:

There are two types of Sadqah.

  • Sadqah: This is a charity where you can give the Sadqah of your life. For the betterment of your family and children, one can also give Sadqah. Helping the poor with the help of wealth or something is also Sadqah.
  • Sadqah Jariyah: This is the benefactor type of Sadqah. You help others with your actions and don’t demand anything in return. This is only for Allah to get his blessings. Giving food advice, saving one from wrongdoing, or protecting those who need help is also Sadqah Jariyah. Anything that can provide benefit to others is known as Sadqah Jariyah.

There is a hadith in which Jabir Bin Abdullah stated the Holy prophet said that doing any good thing in the way of Allah is Sadqah.

In Another Hadith, Al-Miqdam quoted that the Holy prophet told us that what you eat or invest in yourself is also a type of Sadqah. What you invest in your family, friends, or servants is also Sadqah.

How to give Sadqa in Islam?

Sadqah is one type of charity. So, it would be best if you took care of everything. First, Sadqah should be given from legitimate money you earn from your hard work. You don’t spend your black money in the way of Allah. There is not any estimated amount for Sadqah. The more you spend in the way of Allah, the more you will get benefits. You can give Sadqah any amount. This is an act of kindness. So, please don’t make it a social trend and capture pictures while giving Sadqah. We should respect everyone. So give Sadqah secretly. There are multiple ways of performing Sadqah, such as; you can give food to hungry people. As there are many people who don’t have anything to eat so, help them with food. Also, you can spend your money on the poor. Give money to the poor so they can fulfill their expenses. Also, if you have knowledge of anything, you can teach them free of cost. There are many people who want to study, but because of their wealth issues, they cannot manage to study. Your knowledge is the gift of Allah, so give those who need it. You also can support others in their small business or work. We are Humans; Allah created us to help our brother. Helping our brothers is a type of Sadqah Jariyah. There are also mentions Of Sadqah in the Quran.

Zakat vs. Sadqa

Sadqah is the sum of the amount a Muslim pays to the poor people of the community. Its minimum amount has been fixed at 2.5 percent of the wealth, and that has been in one’s possession for one year for the sake of Allah’s pleasure. Whereas there is no amount fixed for Sadqah, you can give what you want. A great benefit of Zakat is that it eliminates the concentration of wealth. If a person boards money and does not bring it into circulation, he must pay Zakat annually. Sadqah is a charity that teaches you to help others and bring happiness to others. Zakat is obligatory worship. Sadqah is also important in Islam as Holy Prophet said a lot of times that everyone should give Sadqah.


Lastly, Sadqah is a form of charity that we give to help others and get blessings from Allah. To save ourselves from evil and help others, Sadqah is an important step to take. Every Muslim should give Sadqah to help others. Always help others with what you have. We are Muslim brothers; we should circulate everything that we have. You can also learn further more about Sadqah and Zakat from Urwa Academy. They provide you with one-to-one sessions, which will help you understand better.


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