What is SUNNAH In Islam?

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What is SUNNAH

Sunnah is the Islamic term that means the way of the Holy Prophet’s life. The acts that the holy Prophet used to perform and things that are beneficial for humankind according to our holy Prophet are called Sunnah. Also, some scholars quote it as Sunnat-e-Allah, which means the way of Allah or the guidance of Allah. So, the definition of Sunnah is to follow the path of the Holy Prophet. Sunnah has very great importance when it is about our faith. We are Muslim. We should perform every Sunnah with our hearts and souls.

It is undoubtedly the most essential thing in our life because it strengthens our beliefs. Also, as Shah Waliullah said, “Every conduct of Islam has its great importance and meaning in our life.” There are some Sunnah Islam that should be focused on as it is mandatory for our acts. Some people are often confused with the terms Sunnah and Hadith. They do not understand the difference between Sunnah and Hadith. So, we will comprehensively discuss about Sunnah below there:

Difference between Sunnah and Hadith:

Sunnah means the acts performed by the Holy Prophet. Hadith means the things said by the Holy Prophet. There is an excellent difference between Sunnah and Hadith, as Hadith is the simple advice and indication of doing well in our lives. Sunnah is the act that the Holy Prophet performed by himself to teach us about good and evil.

Holy Prophet used to sleep early in the night, and he used miswak many times a day. It is Sunnah that acts. The Holy Prophet told a lot of things to his followers, which we learn today to learn Islam. This is Hadith. Both Hadith and Sunnah are important for Muslims. They lead you to strengthen your faith.

Sunnah and its importance in life:

Sunnah has great importance in life. Every Muslim must know what Sunnah is and what its importance in life is. Sunah and Hadith both have great importance in life. There are also Sunah prayers, which we must offer to get guidance from Allah. Following the acts of the Holy Prophet, one can meet with his inner consciousness.

Sunnah teaches us Patience and a firm belief in Allah. It teaches us how we can beat our evil selves and become good Humans. As in the Quran, Allah says, “We have chosen a religion for you to follow, and it is the best religion.” So it proves that by following Islam and Sunnah, we can achieve great success in life and hereafter. So, the Sunnah definition is to follow the way of the Holy Prophet and Islam to get great blessings.

Sunnah as a source of moral and ethical guidance:

The Holy Prophet is considered a great role model for all humankind. He has proved to be a great model of moral and ethical guidance. Following him means following the great moral way of life. Sunah teaches us broad moral beliefs such as honesty, truthfulness, justice, and humility. Sunnah also teaches us how to make good relations with our family and friends.

Sunah Islam is also a significant aspect to learn and follow Islam properly. Sunnah urges us to give charity and help poor people. Our holy Prophet not only teaches us by his sayings but also by his acts to strengthen our moral beliefs. Sunah also urges the truthfulness in our life. It teaches us to become honest in our business and also in our conduct.

Sunnah is the best way of life

Sunnah, meaning in English, is to follow the great to achieve good in life. Sunah, the conduct of the Holy Prophet, which plays a significant role in Human life, continues to shape Muslim life. Sunnah Islam offers Muslims timeless guidance to lead a righteous life. Sunnah teaches us the rituals that we must offer to get blessings from Allah.

In the Modern world, Sunah is the only source of guidance and only Sunnah can help us to fight evils. Sunnah and Hadith both have importance in life because they teach you to get firm beliefs. Sunnah teaches you about social and family life. Sunnah tells us how to behave with our spouses and what their rights are over us.

The Importance of following Sunnah:

Every Muslim must follow the Quran and Sunnah. By following Sunah, one can learn a lot of things in life. The Holy Prophet is a great ethical role model in our life. Every Muslim wants to follow him to learn great in life. So, Sunah is the only way to improve ourselves by following our Prophet.
It teaches us the way to treat our life according to the best way, which is beneficial for us. It teaches us to help the poor and love children. This also gives us knowledge about good and evil. With Sunnah Islam, we can follow god and save ourselves from evil. So, this is the basic meaning of Sunnah that fellow Prophets lead prestigious life.


Sunnah, if concluded, remains the authentication of how Prophet Muhammad used to spend life accordingly. Everything has a value in Islam, whether it is eating, sleeping, wearing, conducting, spending, and so many others. All these regular actions that are part of everyone’s life should be mixed up with Sunnah. We must not forget that the things we happen to do today will remain good conduct forever. Children do not obey but imitate the actions we do in daily life. Sunah and the Quran always play a vital role in building the spirit strong.
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