In Islam, when someone dies, there is a ritual of praying Janazah Namaz for the dead one. This is a basic ritual of seeking pardon from Allah for deceased Persons. The Janazah prayer is obligatory for every Muslim. Also, you …

Istikhara is the way to seek Allah’s counsel towards good and bad. Istikhara means ‘to seek best in your affairs’. It is a Sunnah prayer offered to seek guidance from Allah Almighty. Whenever you get confused in life regarding your …

Islam is precious God-gifted religion for humans. There are five pillars of Islam, namely Shahdat (Faith), Prayer (Salat), Alms (Zakat), Fasting (Soam), and Pilgrimage (Hajj). Hajj is also an important pillar of Islam. Literal meaning of Hajj is “to intend”. …

In Islam, The way of pure guidance is only Quran. Quran leads us to the practice of Sirat-ul-Mustaqeen. In every issue or problem, you always find ways to resolve it. In the last Sermon, Holy Prophet SAW said that there …

In this fast-moving world, everything can be found online. Whether you are a schoolboy or an employee, you can manage your work with the help of the internet. In old times, people used to go to a mosque to learn …

There are multiple questions regarding menstruation. It is haram for women to offer both Farz and nafilnamaz during menses, and it is also not valid if they pray any one of them. One does not have to participate in any …


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